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Monday, January 19, 2009

Power Cash Secret

Congratulations on finding my website. I will tell you that you are on the only actual website that can have you earning well over $100,000 CASH this year! OR, if you really decide to buckle down and tackle it; $100,000 per month is even an rather easy target to

The great thing about it is that it doesn't even require any computer skill or technical knowledge in any way. In fact, just like you often hear in that old Geico commercialwith the angry caveman, "I honestly believe it's so easythat even a Caveman could do it!"

BUT, before we even get into the details of all this let me just tell you a little story about myself and exactly how all of this began!

It all started one day when I was taking my son to the Home Depot of all places to get materials for building him a treehouse I had been promising him all school year.

Hereit was summer break already for the little guy and I hadn't even started it yet because of all the overtime I had been putting into my landscaping J.O.B. I remember thinking, if only I could have more time to spend with my family! I can't say that my wife was too happy about my 12 and 14 hour days neither and think she was tired of the fact that I was ALWAYS tired!

Anyhow, here I was pulling into the Home Depot one fine Saturday afternoon in my old beat up 1999 Dodge Ram truck when all of a sudden some hotshot in a yellow Lamborghini pulled up right next to me!

I thought man I'll NEVER own a great ride like that!.. Anyways what in the heck was he going to pick up at Home Depot in a car like this?? I'd be afraid to put a scratch on it!

I don't think the guy even paid attention to or noticed my dropped jaw and dumb blank expression on my face while starring at his car, since the girl just coming out of the store caught his eye with her million dollar smile and batting wink. I suppose he was use to it, but man I felt like I just got dropped into a movie set or somthing.. This was unreal, especially in my town!

Anyways I grabbed my son's hand and started my way into the store to get our building materials, just kind of looking back at that car and then the hotshot out in the parking lot getting the phone number of that girl that just winked at him, or whatever he was talking to her about..CRAZY!

Once we got inside the store my mind was simply somewhere else after that little experience and I couldn't even remember the dimmensions of the wood I needed for my son's treehouse!.. After a bit I got my head back into the game and was able to get my entire list together for our little weekend project and I pulled around to get the materials that just maxed out my credit card loaded up into my truck.

My son was sure excited, and back to the house we drove!

Once we got back home I drove through the lawn to cross into the back yard and unloaded all of the material.It was a beautiful day and so we started like a father and son team to build a treehouse.


About half way through the project I realized that I had miscalculated the amount of wood planks I needed,but decided just to wait and pick up the rest next weekend since my credit card was already maxed out anyways.

Now here's where it gets stranger than fiction again because the same hotshot I had seen the week before pulled up next to me AGAIN,but this time with a BMW! I mean come on!! What are the odds?..

I couldn't stand it!! I had to know what in the world this guy did for a living, so I embarrassingly asked him, sir I'm sorry to ask this but I seen you last week in a Lamborghini and now I see you in this fancy BMW.. WHAT IN THE WORLD DO YOU DO? I mean you just look way too young, how old are you?

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